I’m Addicted to Instagram.

Instagram is a great product.

  • Easy to use — The seamless and consistent social feed that populates immediately after opening the app allows for endless scrolling and user interaction.
  • Useful — For me, Instagram solves the problems of social connection and boredom. Whenever I have nothing to do or time to kill, I immediately open Instagram for quick entertainment. I can chat with friends, see what everyone is doing, and discover new things.
  • Emotional /Desirable— The instant gratification of receiving likes and comments, feeling happy for your friends’ shared successes, or feeling insecure or jealous that everyone else seems to be having more fun than you. Many of my friends choose Instagram as their primary form of communication, and it is even common for people to exchange Instagram handles instead of phone numbers.




UX/UI ponderer. Likes travel. Hates bios.

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Winnie Phung

Winnie Phung

UX/UI ponderer. Likes travel. Hates bios.

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